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Paula D.

Allentown, PA

Personal Information

  • Degree


While working for Johnson & Johnson, I decided to pursue a nursing degree so that I may advance my career within the company. I worked full-time during the day, and went to nursing school at night. After graduating, I worked per diem in trauma on weekends and holidays. Because of my nursing degree, I was promoted within J&J from a Product Complaint Specialist to a Sales Representative, to a Manager of Sales Training, and finally to Senior Manager of Customer Relationship Management. My nursing degree fueled my career advancement while I continued to practice nursing part-time. I was proud to represent my company in Washington, DC, to celebrate the kickoff for the Campaign for Nursing's Future. I am now retired from J&J and am working with my husband in his medical practice. I enjoy the one-on-one relationship with our patients. Some of our patients' daughters have interviewed me for their school projects as they are considering entering the nursing profession. I tell them that with a nursing degree, you can go anywhere and do anything you want to! From being an ER nurse to a corporate executive... nursing is the key to unlocking all doors of success!

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