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Beverly D.

Columbia, MD

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Forensic Nurse
  • Degree


I have been a Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) nurse for three years. I work very closely with local law enforcement officers and a sexual assault crisis center. I interview patients and their families, assess the patient's physical and mental status, perform gynecological examinations, collect forensic evidence, and provide testimony when I am needed as an expert witness. Patient advocacy is crucial when assisting victims of sexual assault or rape. Since this SAFE position is on an on-call basis, I also have a full-time nursing position as a Clinical Manager at a comprehensive, acute-care medical center. I am actively involved with all aspects of patient care, including pain management, patient safety, spiritual care (death/dying), and ethical decisions. I also coordinate admissions to shorten Emergency Room stays, improve patient satisfaction, and maximize efficiency. My desire to become a nurse stemmed from the illness of my four-year-old son, and from several nurses who attend my church. Nursing has meant far more to me than I ever expected. There are daily challenges, rewards, disappointments, and numerous opportunities for counseling, educating, and advocating for patients. I am always looking for new avenues to explore. Nursing has avenues in abundance!

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