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Caroline W.

Fairfax, VA

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I've had maybe the best nursing role model you could ask for - my mom, who is a cardiac care nurse. Listening to her and watching her make a difference in people's lives all these years has been the greatest influence in helping me to decide to become a nurse. I hope to work in a surgical unit when I graduate. I'm now practicing my clinical in the surgical unit and get to see the patients improve day by day from every type of surgery. Through clinical and nursing school, my fellow students and I are trying to learn everything we can so we can become great nurses. We set very high expectations for ourselves. Sometimes a "B+" isn't good enough - we want to be the best. Nursing isn't just academically challenging. We also develop our personal and communications skills, which are important when working with patients and relating to patients of all ages from varying backgrounds. It's important that we communicate effectively with everyone from babies in obstetrics to senior citizens in long-term care. In nursing, I will never get bored and I'll never stop learning.

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