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Gallup Poll Names Nurses America’s Most TRUSTED Profession for Nearing a Decade

January 2008

According to an annual Gallup survey on honesty and ethics, eighty-three percent of Americans placed nurses in the number one position as the most trusted professionals for the ninth consecutive year. Nurses have averaged an 81 percent ‘very high’ or ‘high’ rating for ethical and honesty standards since first appearing on the list in 1999.  The exception was 2001, in the aftermath of 9/11 when firefighters held the top spot.

“It’s no surprise that nurses rank first as the most trusted profession all these years,” said Andrea Higham, Director of The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future. “Almost every American family has been challenged by the illness of a friend, loved one or family member. When that tragedy occurs, nurses are right there, providing care, helping families and healing.” 

The survey also reveals that among the 22 professions ranked in this year’s poll, only nurses have shown continuing improvement in their score and ethical ratings year over year.

Graphic: Top Ten Honest & Ethical Ratings by Profession

1.    Nurses                                      83%

2.    Grade-school teachers                74%

3.    Druggists / Pharmacists              71%

4.    Military officers                          65%

5.    Medical doctors                          64%

6.    Clergy                                       53%     

7.    Policemen                                  53%

8.    Judges                                      46%

9.    Day-care providers                    44%

10.  Bankers                                    35%

Source: Gallup Poll, 2007 Survey on Honesty and Ethics,

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