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Regine Faucher, Chair of the National Student Nurses' Association Nominating and Elections Committee in Rockville, Md.

March 2012

Q. When did you decide to pursue a career in nursing and why?

A. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. I was born and raised in Haiti, and when the U.S. Army came in 1994 to 1995 to restore democracy, I knew that I would eventually become a soldier and a nurse. I promised myself that if I ever got the chance to come to the U.S., I would join the service to have a better life and pursue my dream career as a nurse. The compassion of the medical personnel and nurses in the U.S. Army was the defining factor in my career choice.

Q. What have you enjoyed most about your nursing degree program?

A. Learning new skills has always excited me, but I truly appreciate the camaraderie and dedication of the nurses who teach us. I also enjoy the perseverance and commitment that I share with my fellow nursing students. It has been the best part of nursing school.

Q. What has been your favorite part of serving as an elected NSNA official?

A. There is so much that I enjoy about being an elected NSNA official. I have benefited greatly from the caliber of people I have met, the mentors that have taught me along the way and NSNA's dedication to excellence. Those are by far the best aspects of being part of such a great institution.

Q. What nursing specialties are you interested in pursuing and why?

A. Currently I'm still on active duty with the Army and will soon be commissioned by the Army Nurse Corps. Because of this, I have a special interest in emergency room, trauma and critical care nursing. I enjoy the rush and excitement of knowing someone's life depends on the actions of a small group of people. It gives me a sense of purpose, which is why I'm looking forward to working in that area of nursing.

Q. What advice can you give to prospective student nurses?

A. Being a nurse is not always a great experience and it's not easy. It won't always produce an immediate feeling of satisfaction, but at the end of the day it is worth it. It is a purpose-filled, demanding, yet caring, profession. I want to encourage students who are interested in nursing to pursue it as a career path because they will always have a job, maybe not the exact one they want, but a job in nursing nonetheless. However, I want to emphasize that you go into nursing for the right reasons, because I strongly believe that you should always love what you do and do what you love.

Q. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now in your career?

A. I plan to pursue a master's degree in nursing. I also want to do something to help my native country of Haiti in whatever capacity I can as a nurse in the Army. My dream is to eventually open an orphanage there, with the help of my friends and family, because so many kids have been left alone to live on the streets.

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