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Practicing Sustainability in Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

September 2012

Hospitals and healthcare systems across the country are increasingly becoming more environmentally friendly and setting sustainability goals within their facility. Not only does “going green” help reduce waste, energy and water consumption, but it also creates a healthier environment for patients and medical staff. Nurses are often at the heart of sustainability initiatives, leading the charge by integrating environmentally healthy programs and strategies to improve the hospital settings they work in.

Practice Greenhealth (PGH), a non-profit membership organization, collaborates with hospitals and healthcare organizations to provide education, tools and information about the best environmental practices to help supercharge operational efficiency, increase regulatory compliance and improve the health of organizational communities. PGH is a source for environmental solutions for the healthcare sector and lends support to create better, safer and greener workplaces and communities.

To learn more about how you can help implement green practices at your hospital or healthcare organization, visit

And stay tuned for the April 2013 issue of Nursing Notes focusing on sustainability in the workplace! The issue will feature:

  • Tips from Practice Greenhealth about how starting a Green Team can help make real changes in your workplace
  • Profiles of nurses who are cutting waste, reducing the use of energy and water, and turning their hospitals into more efficient, sustainable places
  • Additional resources and information to help you and your hospital get started on a greener path

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