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OTC Literacy Program Helps Raise Awareness of Responsible Usage

January 2014

Last year, to help raise awareness about the safe use of over-the-counter (OTC) medicine, the American Association of Poison Control Centers, Scholastic and McNeil Consumer Healthcare launched the OTC Literacy program, a program that provides resources to better equip educators, school nurses and families with knowledge about OTC medicines and responsible usage.

The OTC Literacy program website features a dedicated section for school nurses with supporting resources to help reinforce OTC medicine safety, including a mini-poster of the “Drug Facts Label” to post in your school’s health office and a copy of the “OTC Literacy for Your Family” sheet to send home with students.

The program has now expanded in its second year to include a new lesson plan addressing the dangers of misusing medicines, as well as new resources and activities for families and children. The expanded OTC Literacy program is focused on connecting with parents, who play a critical role in helping their children learn how to responsibly take OTC medicines.

For more information about the OTC Literacy program or to access the program’s educational materials, visit

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