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Internships Offer Real Experience

June 2008

Interested in a career in nursing? Want to make sure you are prepared for practice? Considering returning to the profession? Moving into another nursing specialty? 


There is no one target audience for nursing internships. Aspiring nurses, new graduates, nurses re-entering the field and nurses exploring other nurse specialties can all benefit from these programs designed to help acquire or further clinical practice experience.

These opportunities can ease the anxiety that may accompany a transition into or within the nursing profession.

Internships are designed to introduce aspiring nurses to the profession and its various specialties. These opportunities also afford nursing graduates the chance to gain hands-on, pre-professional experience. Residency programs that many hospitals offer can assist graduates with the transition from student nurse to registered nurse, allowing them to expand their clinical experience, increase their overall comfort level with patients and procedures, and establish rapport with health care teams prior to practice.

Rosemary Pine, RN, MSN, CDE and Nurse Residency Program Coordinator at The Methodist Hospital of Houston, knows the success of such programs. “The Methodist Hospital’s Nurse Internship and Residency Programs prepare nurses for a successful journey to become a leader at the bedside,” said Pine. “In the residency program’s first year, Methodist Hospital’s turnover rate dropped from 50 percent to 13 percent, thanks to the work of a staff dedicated to making new nurses feel more comfortable in their working environment.”

Re-entry nurses can also benefit from internships. Depending on the time spent away from the profession, these programs can help to refresh nursing skills and offer an introduction to new procedures and new technology.

With numerous opportunities in the profession, experienced nurses can customize their nursing career to their own special interests and skills through an internship.

Whether you are an aspiring, new or experienced nurse, you can benefit from the personal and professional rewards of a nursing internship.

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