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It’s Raining Men

June 2008

With such an extreme shortage of nurses across the United States, some in the health care community are looking at ways to help resolve the problem, including encouraging more men to enter the profession. At the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, recruitment efforts have been focused on attracting more men into the nursing profession. In fact, 25 percent of the nurses on the hospital’s Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit (CSICU) are male — more than three times the national average. 

“Being a male nurse shows that you are willing to do a job that has been female-dominated,” acknowledged Ryan Peter Crisostomo, RN, BSN and member of the Hopkins CSICU nurse team. “Men in this field show great camaraderie for one another and have compassion for the work that they do. Patients tend to show a lot of respect for men in this field because of the rarity of the gender in the profession.”

Nurses on Johns Hopkins’ CSICU know what it takes to run a cohesive nursing unit. These nurses attribute their successful operation to unity and teamwork.

“All individuals on our unit play an important role and perform the various roles required in the nursing profession,” explained Raycor Faderugao, BSN, RN, CCRN.  “Everyone, male and female, pitches in to support the collective need, be it an acute, hectic situation, like when a patient crashes, or a more chronic moment when a unified effort is required to transfer a 300-pound patient from the bed to the cardiac chair.”

The supportive relationships between Crisostomo, Faderugao and all of the nurses on the cardiac unit help alleviate many of the challenges that transpire daily. Crisostomo feels it is part of his job to lend a helping hand when he has free time. “The Cardiac Surgery ICU is a great work environment. The acuity is very high on the unit, so it is very important to know what is going on with patients that aren’t even your own. You have to be ready to lend a hand and take necessary and immediate action,” he said.

“At Johns Hopkins, we focus our recruitment efforts on bringing in not only women, but men who value autonomy, work well as a team, enjoy challenges, embrace change and seek opportunities for further professional growth,” said Christina Cafeo, RN, MSN and nurse manager of the CSICU. “We are fortunate our recruitment efforts have been so successful.”

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