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Aubree M.

Charlottesville, VA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Public Health Nurse
  • Degree


Before becoming a RN, I worked as a Patient Care Technician where I floated to various floors throughout the hospital. I loved the diversity and learning from nurses with different backgrounds.

My first job after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University was at the University of Virginia as an RN in Labor and Delivery. My dream job (or so I thought).

I loved Women’s Health and Pediatrics, but I did not work at UVA very long before I realized there was a piece of the puzzle missing for me... the preventative care aspect. I quickly realized I needed to be in a community-based setting where I could educate patients and prevent the crisis situations seen so commonly in the hospital. I felt the need to “bridge the gap”.

This led me to become a Public Health Nurse which seems to be the perfect fit for me. I'm still very involved in Women's Health, but also a variety of other programs that focus on preventative care and the safety of the public. Much like my job as a PCT, I love the diversity of public health. Every day brings new and unique situations where every aspect of my nursing skills are utilized to the fullest extent.

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