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‹   Back to scholarships's Healthcare Leadership Scholarship    |    National, a comprehensive informational resource covering employment in the health care industry in the US, offers this scholarship twice a year. This is a merit-based scholarship awarded every spring and fall to help students pay for expenses of their online or campus based education. These scholarships will be awarded to any student that is currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate level programs. Candidates are judged on academic history, extracurricular activities, employment history & essay. Students may only apply once in any 12-month period.

Scholarship Details

  • Deadline 1º

    1st May 2018
  • Deadline 2º

    1st November 2018
  • Deadline 3º

    1st May 2018
  • Deadline 4º

    1st November 2018
  • Deadline Type



  • Ethnicity

    No ethnicity specification
  • Gender

    No gender requirement

Contact Information

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