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Share Your Story of Nurse Innovation Changing the World

July 10, 2018
Share Your Story of Nurse Innovation Changing the World

Every day, nurses take action to improve the lives of patients and change the trajectory of health.  As key players on the front lines of healthcare, nurses are instrumental in facilitating constant improvement, across different roles and patient care situations.
Throughout history, there have been countless examples of nurse-led innovations that have changed patient outcomes – for example, Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, who pioneered the concept of the importance of sterilization to prevent infection.
At Johnson & Johnson, we recognize and support the role nurses play as catalysts for change and the importance of enhancing the image of nurses as critical leaders who drive profound changes in human health. If you have a story of nurse-led innovation to share, we want to hear it!
From now until September 1, visit and let us know how nurses are changing the world and helping to make a difference in the lives of patients, whether it’s your own personal story or the story of an inspirational nurse in your life. Your story could be featured in an article or podcast in a future issue of Notes for the Nursing Community or directly on our nursing social media channels!
To learn more about some examples of nursing innovation throughout history and how you can submit your story, watch the short video below.

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