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Donna C.

Sea Girt, NJ

Personal Information

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    Nurse Entrepreneur
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I always loved science and enjoyed helping people, so nursing seemed a natural career choice for me. I began in the emergency room, where I found that I loved the fast pace, the drama, the action, and the variety of clients. I also worked in some state and county psychiatric hospitals. What an incredible life experience that was! I quickly discovered that the profession offered endless opportunities, both in and out of the hospital. I explored many of them, including working in a medical weight control center, overseeing the quality of care delivered to patients by nurses and physicians in a hospital, and even working for an education company to help new nurses pass their nursing boards. I learned that there are many ways and places to make a difference as a nurse. Today I own my own nursing education business. I am an international speaker, writer, and career coach. I help nurses to be happier in their careers and to fully utilize all of their unique skills and abilities. I also teach nurses about all of the non-traditional opportunities that are available to them, such as parish nursing, legal nurse consulting, nursing informatics, holistic nursing, and research nursing. Getting into nursing is one of the best things I ever did. I highly recommend it!

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