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Aiko K.

Baltimore, MD

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Degree


After graduating from nursing school in Japan, I worked for two years in a large Tokyo hospital. About seven years ago, I moved to the United States. I obtained my master's degree and a U.S. nursing license, was selected for a clinical fellowship grant, worked as a staff nurse, and became a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) on a hematology oncology unit. My work as a CNS is challenging and fulfilling. I develop and teach orientation classes, update staff nurses on new research, procedures and methods of practice, and help staff nurses find answers to their questions. There is nothing more rewarding than watching new graduates turn into strong and confident nurses and seeing what a difference they can make in patients' lives. I also perform case management, assessing patients' needs and helping them move along their treatment trajectory in an appropriate and timely manner. I help develop policies and protocols, and play a role in risk management. I like nursing because I am able to realize my full potential, stay curious, and keep growing. In nursing, if you stay alert and look for opportunities, there is always something new that you can try that will enhance your abilities and your practice.

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