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Clausyl P.

Evans, GA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Military Nurse
  • Degree

  • Group

    Men in Nursing

"Nursing is an exciting career field with every aspect of the profession developing right along with the speed of technology. Nothing about nursing is static-especially in the Army. As a nurse, I am challenged mentally, technologically, and intellectually. Anyone who thinks nursing is just for women is behind the times. Nurses are caring and concerned people who have the desire and know-how to help others. I have never felt out of place as a male nurse and would encourage other men to consider joining the profession. There is no aspect of patient care that nurses do not touch, and that alone makes nursing a great career field. I can work as a ward nurse, manager, researcher, or in corporate America. The avenues I can take are limitless, but I consider those perks secondary to the tremendous amount of satisfaction I receive just knowing that I made someone's life better - there really is nothing like that feeling. And the need for nurses is so great right now that I am able to basically choose my own career path."

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