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John B.

White Plains, NY

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Critical Care Nurse
  • Degree


My name is John B. I am a registered nurse working at White Plains Hospital in the ICU, and I also work at my local hospital in Putnam County in the emergency room. I am also a retired New York City detective. There has always been a connection between police officers and nurses, and as I approached the day I could retire, I thought of nursing as a second career. I took several courses part time while I was still on the job in the city, so that when I retired I could devote most of my energy toward nursing and school. I also worked part time as a patient care technician to help me unlearn 20 years of a previous life and become more exposed to my new chosen profession. I saw nursing as a way to expand my options upon retirement rather than limit them. After paying my dues, and at the same time gaining experience, my value as a retired New York City detective and now also as a nurse increases my value as an employee regardless of where I choose to go. If I decide to go back into investigations, personal protection, or law enforcement, my nursing degree only improves my options. I have decided that critical care nursing is where I want to be and am fortunate that White Plains Hospital has given me an opportunity. I would recommend to any police officer or fireman that, as they approach retirement, they consider nursing as a way to continue giving to the community and at the same time almost guaranteeing future employment.

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