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Beverly M.

Pittsburgh, PA

Personal Information

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Health care can be a dynamic and, at times, difficult field, but as an emergency department nurse, the focus must be on the immediate care of the patient. But even with the challenges we face everyday, I wouldn't change a thing. I married young and waited to start working until my children were both in school. It was then that I decided to become a nurse. Growing up, two of my aunts, both nurses, were my role models. While the decision was an obvious one for me, the workload of juggling family and work was demanding. I received an Associates Degree in Applied Science, Nursing from Allegheny County Community College, and attended Allegheny University's EMS degree program. My first position included acting as charge nurse for the medical-surgical, oncology, and emergency departments. Simultaneously, I worked as an agency nurse at two other hospitals. Since 1993, I've held my current position at Suburban General Hospital. More than 20 years later, I still enjoy making a difference in patients' lives, offering relief to those in pain, holding the hand of a scared child, and just being there for the patient's family. That is why I love nursing and why I consider it the most rewarding profession today.

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