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Jeanne W.

Fulton, MO

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Forensic Nurse
  • Degree


Oddly enough, I suppose that my interest in Forensic Nursing began when I started watching "Murder She Wrote" with my grandmother when I was a child. Strange, but I was hooked on murder mysteries thanks to Angela Lansbury. Every intricate detail of a twisting crime plot often led to us attempting to guess whodunit before the end of the story. When my family learned that I wanted to be a nurse, they encouraged me to pursue forensic psychiatric nursing because they were supportive of my passion for crime solving. Since most of my relatives were teachers (mother, aunt, numerous cousins and great aunt), my family also encouraged nursing education. Thus far, I have experienced a very awesome nursing career as a forensic psychiatric nurse, faculty nurse educator and professor, director of a master's level nursing program, mental health nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist and consultant. I look forward to my career each and every morning. Nursing is such an open field. Anything you want to do is there for you if you just have the determination. I can't imagine doing anything else for a living. I truly enjoy my work. I love meeting new students and watching them mature professionally. I also enjoy shaping and sculpting other's futures by teaching and inspiring them.

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