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Bonnie B.

Monroeville, PA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Obstetrics Nurse, Gynecology Nurse
  • Degree


I am a charge nurse in the OB/GYN unit at Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville, Pennsylvania - twenty minutes east of Pittsburgh. I earned my diploma from the Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in Johnstown, and I've been a nurse for nearly 40 years, having worked in critical care, home care and women's health before transferring to maternal/child services. I'm proud to say that I've set up self-scheduling guidelines for nurses, nurse's aides, and secretaries, and have organized an orientation tea to welcome new nurses to Forbes Regional. To do my part to ease the nurse shortage, I serve on the Retention and Recruitment Committee and precept new OB/GYN nurses. I gained an even deeper appreciation for nursing while caring for my son who had a near-fatal automobile accident several years ago. I realized what it's like to be in the shoes of a frightened family member. It can be difficult coping with anxiety and uncertainty while a loved one struggles to regain his or her health. That experience deepened my resolve to be a positive influence on patients and their families, by giving them hope to pull through a crisis or the strength to accept the inevitable.

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