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Sonia S.

Newark, NJ

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Obstetrics Nurse, Gynecology Nurse
  • Degree


My mom is a nurse and my dad is in the Air Force, so I sort of combined the two and became an Air Force nurse! What I love about nursing is learning something new every day. I love working in women's health because there is nothing more amazing than assisting a birth. It's challenging because we have to anticipate and deal with an array of possible complications, but seeing families with new, healthy babies is incredible. Knowing that I made a new mother more comfortable with her labor is personally very rewarding for me. I feel like I have great job security because wherever there are people, there is a hospital and the need for good healthcare. There is also a good deal of flexibility in my work schedule, which is a really nice perk. Right now I work three 12-hour shifts per week and have the other four days off! In what other field can you choose a work schedule like that?

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