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Bridgette R.

Tucson, AZ

Personal Information

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I was approaching graduation from college when the realization that I did not have a true passion for the career I had chosen set in. After accepting a position with a senior management team for a major retailer, a medical crisis occurred in my family. This allowed me to closely observe the nursing profession. I was amazed at the dedication, devotion, and caring these professionals seemed to possess, and felt instantly drawn to become what my family had come to call "angels on earth." In seeking a specialty after nursing school, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my passion was medical/surgical nursing. I know that each an every day I go to work, I will be faced with new challenges, and that each patient comes to me with a unique situation I can positively influence. The opportunity to keep learning and become a better nurse greets me every day as I greet my colleagues and patients. I know I have touched the lives of both my patients and their families over the last year, and that I have now become an "angel on earth."

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