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Dennis S.

San Diego, CA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    School Nurse
  • Degree

  • Group

    Men in Nursing

Nursing is more than holding babies and teddy bears - nurses practice medicine, every day. I chose a career in nursing because I wanted to do just that. Nurses have the chance to work very closely with patients under their care. As a Geriatric Psychiatric Nurse in Philadelphia, I had a lot of patient contact and was able to ensure the best care for the patients on my floor. A 5-year-old boy once said to me, `Why are you a nurse? Only girls are nurses.' As a man in a field that's predominantly female, I wasn't surprised to come across this kind of thinking. But this misperception is changing fast, and rightly so. Now, as a school nurse, I'm able to teach children that boys and girls can be nurses. I have a chance to be a positive role model, and maybe the example I set can inspire other men to become nurses. Being a school nurse also allows me the same schedule as a teacher and to be a coach after school. Every day I use my critical thinking skills to evaluate the students, and am able to have fun and help them. As a nurse, I was able to travel across the country and find a job immediately. In a short time, I have experienced very different patient populations, from geriatric patients to elementary school children. No career is as flexible as nursing.

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