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Shawn S.

Timonium, MD

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    Student, Men in Nursing

My road to nursing was quite a winding one. I was initially in the Naval Academy when I decided that I wanted to do something to more directly help people. I then entered college as a medical engineering major, but that wasn't what I was looking for either. I wanted more personal contact with those I helped, and I entertained nursing as an alternative. My mother is a nurse and I knew how much she loved her job, so I decided to give it a try. Now I can't imagine doing anything else. At school we all have a common goal to help people in need. No matter what the student's age, background, or reason for wanting to become a nurse, we all have this in common. There are so many options for a nurse, even within a single hospital. Overall, I feel that I will never exhaust all my options in the nursing profession. And since nurses really do have great job security, I'm very optimistic about the future. Recently I went to a job fair where there were over 140 employers competing to hire nurses. The most challenging part of nursing is time management. You need to be constantly thinking and planning ahead with your patients. You also have to work well with others and pull all your resources together when things get really busy.

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