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Haley W.

Fairfax, VA

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I was studying for a medical degree and took a couple of years of science to prepare for it. But when a friend who was a senior in nursing school shared some of her experiences with me, I knew nursing would allow me to do much of what a doctor does plus talk more with the patients. Nursing requires that you be very sharp and quick. It involves figuring out different ways to help each individual rather than implementing a set of standardized techniques for every patient. Nursing offers so many opportunities -- it gives you the flexibility to go as far as you want in any field. As a nurse, you get to practice what you've learned, and learn while you work. You're constantly absorbing new knowledge on the job. Now is the best time to enter nursing. Nurses are always needed -- how often do you hear of a nurse being out of a job? At least three nurses are needed for every doctor. Plus, many hospitals will pay for your education!

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