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Veronica G.

Fairfax, VA

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For years I knew I wanted to work in healthcare, but it wasn't until I volunteered as a `candy striper' in a hospital that I decided on nursing. Watching the interaction between the nurses and the patients, seeing how important the nurses were not just in treating the disease, but in treating the person -- that's when I knew nursing was for me. There's nothing like the nurse-patient relationship. I want to try emergency room nursing at first, because it offers constant change and excitement. If, for some reason I don't like that, I'd like to try pediatric nursing, specifically neo-natal care. That's the great thing about nursing -- there are so many specialty areas, and you can try as few or as many as you want. I get bored pretty easily, but nursing is a career that will keep me on my toes, and I like that. If you're interested in nursing school, I recommend that you talk to some practicing RNs to hear some real-life experiences. Like any career, it's important to know what you're getting into. I'm at an exciting point now in nursing school where I'm getting a chance to apply some of the skills I've learned. And working my fellow students is great, because we all share the ideals and goals of making a difference in people's lives -- that's the bottom line.

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