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Jeffrey S.

Des Moines, IA

Personal Information

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    Student, Men in Nursing

I decided to attend nursing school while taking an EMT-B certification class. I was interested in both nursing and paramedics, and chose nursing because it offered a lot more opportunities. With nursing, I could still pursue my interest in paramedics. I worked closely with ER nurses, who were an inspiration and encouraged me to get a nursing degree. I plan to work in ICU, with the goal of being a flight nurse, which I think would be very challenging and push me to be my best. One thing I like about nursing is that if I ever wanted to move into another specialty, I can. It's not like being an electrical engineer and then deciding you want to try graphic design. Nursing is a portal to so many different types of work. The one constant is that, as students, we are all taught to be patient advocates and care for patients holistically. I think my fellow students keep this as their number one priority no matter what nursing field they choose.

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