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Dawn G.

Philadelphia, PA

Personal Information

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I made the decision to become a nurse early in my childhood after reading a series of books based on the fictional nurse, Cherry Ames. Her exemplary demonstration of compassionate nursing and the respect she obtained from her patients, family, and peers inspired me to become a nurse. My role as a nurse in the intensive care unit can include anything from helping a weak, elderly woman eat her dinner to helping a patient die with dignity, and much more in between. Acting as a liaison between the physician, patient, and family gives me the opportunity to deliver quality care. Being able to teach patients and families about the disease process enables them to understand and begin to accept their illness. Over the past 18 years, I have witnessed many changes in health care. Advancements in technology have led to many great improvements in patient outcomes. Despite the numerous advancements I have witnessed, one thing remains constant: the role of the bedside nurse as patient advocate, caregiver, comforter, and teacher. Making a difference in the life of one individual makes being a nurse fulfilling.

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