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Gregory H.

Tuscaloosa, AL

Personal Information

  • Degree


I began my licensed career in nursing after I heard a rumor that all of the nurses' aids in the hospital where I worked were going to be phased out. Some of my colleagues and I decided that we would go to LPN school. We were all accepted, and we all worked full time while attending school all week. I have never regretted this decision. After getting my license, I worked in the local hospital for four years as an LPN in a variety of settings, including psychiatry, med-surg, orthopedics, the open-heart unit, and ICU. In 1986, I began my present employment with the VA Medical Center in Tuscaloosa, AL. I have worked in lots of different areas, too, but I love the work that I do now, because I have an opportunity to see my clients when they are well, as well as when they have true medical problems. Although my favorite things to do outside of work are cooking and floral design, I find that my profession gives me just as much comfort and pleasure.

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