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Allison G.

Gibsonia, PA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Rehabilitation Nurse
  • Degree


I grew up when women's career choices were teacher, secretary, or nurse - and children did what fathers said. Because my father's adored grandmother and two aunts were nurses, my career was set. I only varied the plan by becoming the first female in our extended family to attend college. I never regretted my career choice. My first job, in a busy intensive care unit in Washington, DC, was ideal. The knowledgeable and nurturing staff taught me something every day. In Philadelphia, I became a manager and then a supervisor. I enjoyed the breadth of learning these positions offered. In 1988 I moved to Pittsburgh to finish my MSN degree and to work at West Penn Hospital, where the motto was "friends for life." This certainly was true. I started in the coronary care unit and still do "casual" work there. Currently I work in cardiac rehab. I am also involved in the clinical ladder program, teaching, and coordinating wellness programs, health fairs, and seminars. I believe I have the ideal career. I have cared for and learned from people in every walk of life. I am continually learning and expanding my skills. I am grateful for past experiences and look forward to many more.

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