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Alice B.

Mitchellville, MD

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Degree


I guess you can say I was born to be a nurse (I was named after one). At an early age, I was impressed by my cousin's crisp white hat, uniform, and her fantastic stories about her experiences. While others winced at the sometimes the colorful details, I was captivated and hooked by the age of five. My journey to becoming a RN was not easy, but I focused on my goal and found many resources to help me along the way.  My 20 years of nursing have been filled with variety and excitement. I feel like I've done and seen a bit of everything: caring for critical surgical patients, supporting new mothers and their babies, educating other nurses as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, and teaching a school-based sex education program. Nursing has allowed me variety and the ability to do what my heart desires at any particular time.  Sometimes I can't believe it when I think about my present position. I am doing what I love best: talking about nursing! As a High School Nurse Liaison, I recruit future nurses at the high school level. It is rewarding and challenging to find new ways to excite, inform, and inspire students about nursing. Now I tell my stories and share my experiences with others. When I tell students that "Nurses are the first ones there and the last ones to leave in a crisis," they believe me and see the pride and passion I feel for my profession.

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