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Sabine J.

New York, NY

Personal Information

  • Degree


I'm a nurse because I love people. I love their energy and spirit. As a nurse, I get to be around people all the time. I feed on people's energy sometimes -- it helps me to be more of who I am and brings out the nurturer in me. It's unlike any experience I've ever had, and I can't imagine doing anything else. The most fulfilling aspect of my job is seeing patients' whole attitudes change when they get better. I feel really good because I know I was a part of that and definitely feel like I made a difference. The hardest part of nursing is losing a patient even after I've done everything I can possibly do. Even in those cases, though, I know I've made a difference -- or at least tried to make a difference -- and I have to take some solace from that. There are so many different facets of nursing that I can choose from. I can work on the hospital floor in several different departments, in administration or in education. There are so many choices. Nursing is a thrilling job because I see new things all the time, and I never know what to expect from one day to the next. Every patient has a different personality and therefore brings out different aspects of my own personality. All I hope for is that I touch their hearts and make them feel better.

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