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I went into nursing originally as an LPN with the intent of working for a few years and then going back to school to become an RN. As with all good plans, life got in the way. Marriage and children pushed those few years into many, and then with the premature death of my husband I had to support my two small children on my own in addition to all of the other extra added responsibilities. The years just flew by. It seems like I blinked and before I knew it twenty-eight years had gone by. Twenty-eight years, and I still hadn't realized my dream of becoming an RN. I decided the only way for me to reach my goal was through independent study with Excelsior College and Rue Educational Publishers. Two years later I was an RN! I am proud to add that not only was I an RN, I finished #1 out of 11,000 nursing students nationwide and I earned Excelsior Colleges Academic Achievement Award in 2000! I now work as Staff Development/Educator and I love it! I am able to share, support and teach. We have CNA, LPN, and RN students who rotate through our facility plus all our staff and I am able to teach and learn and share all the while knowing that everything we are learning is going to be used to help our patients feel more comfortable and to heal. I am proud to be a nurse and I admire and respect any person who makes the decision to go into nursing. As my story clearly demonstrates, no matter what obstacles life hands you, if you are determined and motivated you can find a way to reach your goals. If you have the calling to become a nurse, don't let anything stop you!

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