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Deana M.

Spokane, WA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Nurse Educator
  • Degree


I became a nurse educator after years of experience. My service in hospitals, home health, a hospice, a tribal health clinic and in my own business allowed me to grow in expertise. My interest in distance education and internet technologies for rural practitioners caught the interest of a nursing school. I was tempted to try nursing education, and this move to academics required a return to school. My personal education began as a volunteer, proceeding through nurse aide, diploma, RN to BSN, Masters and finally a PhD. I continue to study to improve my practice.   Now I enjoy researching the stress of online learning and nursing practice using the nursing process and the latest technologies. Nursing science is uniquely situated to improving health care by gathering patient information through qualitative techniques while gathering objective quantitative data. This approach to research will change evidence-based practice. Costs and benefits must include quality of life issues.   Caring for the next generation of nursing educators and nurses is just as rewarding as helping the trauma victim, the ill child, and the dying elder. If you are considering education, I recommend that you plan to go straight through school, from freshman through PhD at one time. You can work while attending school. Most graduate students juggle family, work, and school. You can, too. It only lasts a little while and the rewards are great!

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