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Cheirel P.

Los Angeles, CA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Nurse Practitioner

I knew I was going to be a nurse from the time I could walk. By age four, I attempted my first ophthalmic surgery on my sleeping mom. Let's just say that didn't go over so well. Nursing has been an exciting field that has allowed me to reinvent myself many times. I obtained my first degree as an LVN by age 19. Although I never worked as an LVN, I had a full appreciation for the job, something that helped while working in a team setting. Two years later, I had completed my R.N. program and started my first job as a med/surg. nurse. I'm often asked if I find nursing boring. It's impossible, since every day there is a new adventure. I have been a bedside nurse, a perioperative nurse, and have taught nursing. For the past 16 years, the most rewarding career of all has been as a Nurse Practitioner. I look forward to my next adventure. I have met some wonderful people that have also happened to be my patients. I can only hope that I have touched their lives, hearts, and souls as they have mine.

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