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Karon G.

Romeoville, IL

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Nursing Writer, Author, or Historian
  • Degree


I became a nurse because I wanted to make a difference in emergency situations, and in peoples lives. I wanted to be the one to step up and solve the problem. I have been an ER nurse,a charge nurse in psychiatry, and I pioneered the firstindependent nursing free-standing practice corporation. I also created a home care agency and provided consulting and first aid services to major motion pictures and to an amusement park. Awards I have won include the National Nurses IN Business Living Legend; NurseWeek Community Service Award; and Economist Newspaper Woman of the Year. I coauthored the book, "NURSES ON OUR OWN," which has been optioned for a TV movie. I like the profession of nursing because it offers the ability to keep yourself and your family and friends well, and you can transfer those skills to many venues. I have been fortunate to utilize all my nursing training, from the ER to television. I have become a speaker, a teacher in a hospital without walls and a writer, as well as a provider of services to many different patients and their families. The mission of my TV show, "Outspoken with Karon RN," is to both entertain and to teach people how to live a longer life!

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