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Barbara C.

Sacramento, CA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Parish Nurse
  • Degree


I planned to become a nurse when I was in high school, took the appropriate classes, and entered a hospital school of nursing upon graduation. But that was 50 years ago. Now, a retired nursing instructor and medical terminology teacher of over 25 years, I well understand how much more knowledge and life experience potential nurses need in order to complete a nursing education for today's vastly different medical care system. Having completed an educational program designed specifically for parish nursing, I am now a parish nurse for my church. I maintain office hours at the church two days a week, two hours each day for anyone wanting weekly blood pressure checks, information on medical problems, referrals to community resources, etc. I keep a file card on each family I become involved with and add notes at each contact so I have long term information on the family's health issues. All of my records are kept secured and all contacts are confidential. I feel wonderfully blessed to have this ministry. I love being a Parish Nurse.

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