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Mary M.

Somers Point, NJ

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Perianesthesia Nurse
  • Degree


I first thought about nursing after seeing a picture of my grandmother from the early 1900s dressed in her starched white apron and cap. She had emigrated from Ireland and was trained along with other young women in nursing. Nursing has come a long way since then. Nursing school is very challenging and incorporates intense study with clinical know-how. At times, I thought of changing my major, but I knew I truly wanted to be a nurse. Like a calling, nursing is a profession that requires commitment and dedication to a patient's well being. I feel a strong sense of commitment to my patients every day. I have been a nurse for 20 years. Over that time, I have worked in Med. Surg. Nursing, Obstetrics, Dialysis, and presently, in Post Anesthesia Care. I deal with intensive care patients, same-day surgery patients, and even children. I see new faces all the time, and meet each challenge as it presents itself. Sure, there are the long hours, some extra call shifts, and working weekends and holidays. But I remember one Christmas being called in to work to take care of a middle-aged gentleman who had just had emergency surgery. When he woke up in the recovery room, he smiled and said, "Thanks for coming in on Christmas to care for me." That beat any present under the tree that day!

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