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Michael J.

Colville, WA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Public Health Nurse
  • Degree


My entire career as a nurse has been with Northeast Tri-County Health District, serving sparsely populated Ferry, Pend Oreille and Stevens Counties. I appreciate the autonomy and variety I have working in such a remote rural area. I have the opportunity to prove that I can develop a rapport with most of the people I come into contact with, and with that rapport I can begin to offer services that I hope will make a difference in the life of the family I am working with. I conduct home visits for parenting education, provide developmental screenings and assessments, do HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, and tuberculosis testing. I also collect and compile health care records for children in foster care, and serve as a resource person for families with children under age three with developmental delays. I also enjoy the traditional mainstay of public health, investigation and prevention for communicable diseases. Nursing can be a way to express your desire to be of service. Don't do it for the salaries or the status. Do it for the opportunity to have a career with many different areas of expertise, one of which could fit your unique personality and interest. Plus you can take your skills all over the world as a traveling nurse.

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