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Madeleine C.

Linwood, NJ

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Nurse Educator
  • Degree


In my last year of high school, my first choice of a career was to become a teacher. While babysitting for a local physician and his wife who was a nurse, I noticed with keen interest their dedication to the poor and sick of our small New England community. My strong desire to help others became persistent, and then became a reality with my acceptance to the St. Francis School of Nursing in Hartford, Connecticut in 1932. Nursing education was what I wanted, and it provided me with the skills and knowledge needed to care for the sick. At the recommendation of my instructors, I enrolled in Columbia University in New York City to pursue a B.S. degree in nursing with a major in teaching. Because of the nursing shortage during the war years, I was an on-call nurse for many of the hospitals in the southern New Jersey area. I would pass many of the military patrols on my way to my job as a night nurse in medical facilities in the Atlantic and Cape May county areas. After several years of hospital medical-surgical nursing, the sudden death of my husband made it necessary for me to focus my attention on the care of my three young children. Whenever possible, I found work in the form of hourly home care, night duty, and later as a community school nurse. Having earned a Masters Degree in Nursing Education, I joined a local community college in 1967 and helped develop a two-year nursing program. I taught there for 25 years until mandatory retirement, and saw many women and men successfully join this worthy humanitarian profession. Currently I'm completing my 30th year as a part-time evening nursing supervisor in a geriatric care facility and have no plans for retirement from my noble and rewarding profession. Having been a nurse for 67 years, I have experienced many changes in the nursing field, but few changes in my desire to care for the sick, lonely, and disabled. The motto of my school of nursing still has a profound effect on my nursing career and on me: "Ad Meam Dei Glorium" "All for the Glory of God."

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