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Dina S.

Martha's Vineyard, MA

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    Rural Nurse
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My desire to become a nurse had blossomed following my survival of a debilitating illness. Now having survived and recovered, I strive to promote the health, wellness and quality of life of those affected by disease and affliction. I began my career as a licensed practical nurse, am presently a registered nurse, and am now advancing my studies to become a family nurse practitioner. I live on the rural resort island of Martha's Vineyard where, like many places, has a shortage of healthcare providers. As our small critical-access hospital expands to accommodate the fiercely-growing island population, the needs for skilled healthcare practitioners continues to rise. Our rural community is federally-designated as being a healthcare professional shortage area, and I hope to help improve this primary care crisis by lessening this provider shortage, and significantly contributing to the longevity, well-being and vitality of the island and its residents. There are so many facets and attributes in nursing that I deem fascinating; however, I find that the most intriguing aspect is the opportunity to collaborate with people from various different medical and nursing specialties, all of whom are from different backgrounds, but share the common goal of maintaining the vitality of humankind.

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