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Leann C.

San Diego, CA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurse
  • Degree


Leann C, RN San Diego California I love being a burn nurse. I became an LVN in 1977, then an RN in 1979, working mostly in burn units. I also am a board certified wound specialist, and legal consultant. My career began at the University of Iowa, and now I am employed by UCSD in the burn unit. I also have specialized in ER and Labor and Delivery, becoming board certified in inpatient OB nursing. I am a person that believes nursing is my life's calling, not just a great profession that allows you to make a good living. But in saying that, I like to state that nursing has allowed me to be able to support and raise my family well for the past 29 years, much of that as a single mom. I also explore the fact that I love to write. I have published in major medical journals, I am writing a book, and I also write music, having copywriten songs under consideration by a major performer currently. I also opened a legal consulting company from my home and I do expert witnessing related to emergency room, OB and burn or wound nursing. I do both plaintiff and defense cases.

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