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Douglas L.

Galloway Township, NJ

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Perioperative (Surgical) Nurse
  • Degree

  • Group

    Men in Nursing

I was a teenager when I decided to become a nurse. My mother was a nurse and my dad a machinist. When I was a teenager, I worked for my dad running a lathe and a milling machine. I really enjoyed working for Dad, but I loved talking to my mom about her experiences at the hospital. It wasn't long before I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I applied for the vocational practical nursing program offered during my junior and senior years of high school. I was accepted to the program. I was one of three young men in a class of over 30 student nurses. After working for several years as a Licensed Practical Nurse, I attended an associate program for registered nursing. While attending a two-year college program during the day, I was working as an LPN evenings/nights. The whole experience was exciting, because I had the opportunity to work complicated cases in the ICU at night and discuss the cases with instructors during or after class during the day. I continued my education and earned a bachelor's degree in nursing. I also attended a program to learn to work in the operating room. Now I'm learning business skills, so that I may work as a nurse in a business environment, but I will always be a nurse first, because I believe that the primary role of a nurse is to provide excellent, proactive care for patients.

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