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Guy F.

Stamford, CT

Personal Information

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    Student, Men in Nursing

I've worked as a firefighter for the Greenwich, CT Fire Department for the past 17 years. I'm ready to retire from the Fire Department, but I still want to work in a job where I can help people. That's why I decided to attend nursing school. I know nursing will be tough, but it will also be rewarding. I'm interested in being an emergency room nurse because I think it will be similar to the type of situations I'm faced with as a firefighter. I enjoy working in a fast-paced, intense environment in which I always need to be thinking. Another reason I decided to go into nursing is because I need to have a flexible work schedule. My wife is a physician and we have three kids so I need a job in which I can earn a living and still be a good father. Also, I'll have great job security. There's always a demand for nurses. Although I am in the minority in school because I am male, I enjoy working with women. I've worked with all men for the past 17 years so working with females is a nice change of pace!

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