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Independent Nurse Contractor

RN Diploma, ASN or BSN

An Independent Nurse Contractor works on a contractual basis instead of directly for a health care provider. They play a major role in filling the void left by the current nursing shortage, especially in under-served areas where hiring and retaining qualified nurses is difficult. The difference between an Independent Nurse Contractor and a Travel Nurse is that Independent Nurse Contractors work for themselves, while Travel Nurses work for agencies.

Things You'll Do:

  • Treat patients at different hospitals and medical facilities
  • Develop and initiate care plans for your patients
  • Provide care in underserved areas, and facilities in need of nurses
  • Manage your own schedule and set your own hours

Your job characteristics:

  • Multifaceted
  • Patient-facing
  • Independent

How You'll Get There
    There are no steps defined for this Specialty.

More About this Specialty
  • Where You
    Can Work

    • Hospitals
    • Physician’s Office
    • Outpatient clinics

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  • What Else You
    Can Expect

    • 22% more jobs for registered nurses from 2008-2018
    • You’ll enjoy more control and flexibility in your career, and can often negotiate higher salaries since your services are used on a temporary basis.


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