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Anne L.

Bethesda, MD

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Degree


I never knew about half the things I can, and have, done in nursing before I went to college. Nursing is without a doubt more than I ever expected. Pediatric nursing is challenging because you deal with the child and the family. I am always trying to learn and do more, and this can sometimes be frustrating and exhausting -- but it's also exhilarating! I started as a pediatric ICU nurse and recently transitioned to a nurse practitioner/research role. As a PICU nurse, I was able to work at three different hospitals in just over a year, which was a fantastic experience. I had my first job in Philadelphia, decided to travel, and went to northern California, San Diego, and Seattle. It was great -- I really enjoyed seeing new places and different ways of doing things. It's very fulfilling for me to work with children and their families, and to see what a difference I can make in their lives. Making a difference in people's life is the best reward as a nurse -- whether it's by literally saving someone's life, treating a condition that was disrupting a family's home life (you'd be surprised how much something like eczema can distress a family), or researching experimental new treatments to improve the quality of life of children with a chronic, debilitating disorder.

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