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Arnold G.

Ft. Washington, MD

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Hematology Nurse
  • Degree

  • Group

    Men in Nursing

My mother is a nurse and my father is a retired Naval officer, so in an effort to honor them both I made the decision to become a Navy nurse. I have always loved science and math, and nursing provides me the opportunity to use these skills as well as my critical thinking ability. Nursing is everything I expected and more. The excitement is what I enjoy most about being a Navy nurse. I must be ready at a moment's notice to go wherever it is that I am needed. If I'm not out at sea, I can transfer to different wards within the hospital where I am based and train in different specialty areas. If I want to move beyond the hospital setting, there are countless opportunities awaiting me. As a nurse I am an important member of the healthcare team. We have multi-discipline meetings weekly to discuss each patient's care. This is the opportunity for the hematologist, oncologist, nursing staff, social worker and pharmacist to all come together and discuss how decisions in one area may effect other areas of a patient's health. This team approach allows us to give each patient the best care. Nursing is a female dominated career field, but I have never felt out of place. Even when I was one of only two males in a nursing class of 81 at Georgetown University, I still felt welcome. Nursing is a very rewarding profession. Working in oncology can be challenging, but I find satisfaction in knowing that know matter what the outcome, I have helped the patient transition to the next phase, be it returned health or a journey beyond life. The patients are what make this job great.

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