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Beka S.

New York, NY

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Critical Care Nurse
  • Degree


It was at the urging of my father that I entered nursing school and graduated from the University of Rochester with a BSN and pre-med studies. He said, "You'll always have a job as a nurse." How true this is today. After graduation, I immediately entered critical care nursing after only spending six months time working on a cardiac telemetry unit. Critical care nursing is the love of my nursing life, whether it be medical, neuro, cardiac or surgical intensive nursing. Not a day goes by when you don't learn or see something new. Enter nursing and you can learn much, and learn to succeed--and change a life. There is success to be had in nursing! In my case, I've become involved in media, patient and public advocacy ( ), and have authored two books about my experiences with a movement disorder called dystonia, I'm Moving Two, and I'm Moving On . . . Are U? Writing these books helped me deal with this cureless disorder, and also gave me a sense of empathy that can't be taught in a nursing school. After 17 years in nursing, I can't think of doing anything else. All my best friends are nurses. I absolutely encourage every high school graduate who seems "career lost" to learn about nursing opportunities at local hospitals, and to attend the open houses offered by many nursing schools throughout the country. Discover nursing! Be a nurse.

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