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Bernard M.

Houston, TX

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Neuroscience Nurse
  • Degree


I was always very close with my grandmother and when she became ill I was really impressed and moved by the way her nurses cared for her in her time of need. In fact, I was so impressed that I decided to become a nurse myself. Nursing has been more exciting and demanding than I ever expected. Every day I encounter someone or something new and different, which really makes the job fun. Given the large need for nurses today, I feel that my job is very secure. I know that no matter what is going on with the economy or in the world, I'll have plenty of job options. There aren't too many careers you can say that about. I was a nurse in the Army before getting my BS. Nursing just leaves so many options open to you! You can travel, pursue different degrees, and try a number of different careers. I love the specialty of nursing I'm in right now -- neuroscience -- because the brain is so fascinating and I like to be intellectually stimulated in my career. The best thing about nursing is when patients are excited to see you when you start your shift. Their gratitude for the care you give is just so rewarding. And seeing how they improve with your care makes you feel really good.

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