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Beth E.

Battleground, WA

Personal Information

  • Specialty

    Military Nurse
  • Degree


Despite having come from a family of nurses, I never thought I would become one myself. However, when I was in high school I got a part-time job in a doctor's office and changed my mind. By the time I started college, it just seemed natural for me to enter nursing school. Being a nurse is unique in that it requires many different skills -- I must use both my head and my heart every day. I need to have a lot of medical knowledge, but I also must have compassion and people skills. I have to earn my patients' trust in order for me to give them the best possible care. As a nurse, I am constantly learning new things because the medical world is always changing and evolving. It's an extremely fascinating and intellectually stimulating career, and the opportunities are endless. I also love the diversity of Air Force nursing. I interact with so many different types of people every day. Working with men and women of all cultures adds richness to what we do. We all have different experiences that we contribute to our team. The most fulfilling aspect of my job is one-on-one bedside care. The relationship I have with my patients is sacred. I love taking care of people and going the extra mile for them.

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