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Christian C.

Matawan, NJ

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    Student, Men in Nursing

When I decided to become a nursing major, I knew that the journey would be a difficult one; however what I didn’t expect was lasting memories with my patients, mentorship and guidance from my professors/clinical instructors, and lifelong friendships built from seemingly endless nights of studying. From learning the basics of head-to-toe assessment to participating in emergent situations in the simulation lab, I have gained the necessary clinical judgment to critically think, plan and act. Being shy for a majority of my life, I have seen myself grow in terms of confidence and strengthened my communication skills which have proved to be great strides in providing better patient-centered care. In terms of my prospective career, by seeing first-hand the disparities of health amongst minority populations, I hope to eventually become a Nurse Practitioner with an emphasis in research and minority health. As our population continues to become more diverse, there is a dire need for healthcare providers to not only be culturally competent, but to also be socially aware and vocal for their patients’ ever-changing needs. As a future healthcare provider, I hope to be on the forefront for advocacy to eventually establish equity across the nursing care continuum one patient at a time. Looking back at the past three years, I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and can truly say how proud I am to have decided to become a nurse.

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